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London, January 2013.

London, January 2013. - THE LUXPEL GROUP

CONNOLLY LEATHER is back ! ....... and Luxpel is honored to be the marketing partner.

CONNOLLY, the company whose leather adorns the seats of Rolls-Royces and cushions the benches in the House of Lords after 10 year of absence is now back again making top quality leathers.

Connolly was established in 1878 by the grandfather of Joseph Connolly how began by producing upholstery for seating in horse-drawn carriages and the first car maker it supplied was Rolls-Royce in 1904.

The company's super-soft, top quality leather became desired by all who could afford it, including King Edward VII, who insisted on kitting out his coronation coach in Connolly leather in 1902.

Connolly's luxurious leather went on to grace the interiors of top motoring marques including Bentley, Ferrari, Aston-Martin and Jaguar, and it was used for the plush seating in British Airway's relaunched Concorde.  It is also the leather of choice in top-end Sunseeker boats.